Min-Terris-of-Pharaohlight is a cathedral, described by Mildmay as the largest in the Pharaohlight district.  Its name is shortened to "Min-Terris's."


Mildmay notes that while Min-Terris's is smaller than the cathedral of Phi-Kethetin and lacks a large bronze dome comparable to Ver-Istenna's, he thinks it the prettiest cathedral in the Lower City.  Its roof features minarets.

The stairs to the roof are in the corner of the cathedral's foyer.

In canonEdit


  • Mildmay and Ginevra Thomson climb to the roof of the cathedral to discuss the burglary job for which Ginevra wants to hire Mildmay.
  • Mildmay mentions that tours of Min-Terris's roof are offered every Cinquième.

Behind the scenesEdit


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