Stephen Teverius is an annemer Mélusinian citizen and the Lord Protector of Marathat throughout the Doctrine of Labyrinths books.  At the start of Mélusine, Teverius has served as the Lord Protector for nine years (or one septad and two).

Pre-canon historyEdit

Stephen has one older sister, Victoria Teveria, and a younger half-brother, Shannon Teverius.

He was married to Emily Teveria, sister of Robert of Hermione.  She passed away sometime before the start of the books.

In the booksEdit



The VirtuEdit


The MiradorEdit



Stephen is a pragmatic man who dislikes much of the pomp and circumstance that accompanies the position of Lord Protector. 


Felix Harrowgate: Teverius disapproves of Felix's relationship with Shannon.

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